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Informed Estate Administration And Probate Assistance

The personal representative of an estate is responsible for wrapping up the financial affairs of a person’s entire life. Although this duty is an honor, it could quickly become overwhelming.

Whitehead & Burnett stands alongside our clients to transfer belongings to the decedent’s loved ones accurately and in a timely manner. Our attorneys offer dependable counsel to protect the estate from unfair appraisals, fraud and damage.

We Help Settle Estates From Start To Finish

Relying on the experience of our legal team can lift the burdens that often accompany estate administration.

We provide our clients with legal support to:

  • Notify appropriate parties
  • Facilitate asset distribution
  • Settle debts or contest creditors’ claims
  • Pay estate taxes
  • Address asset liquidity issues
  • Communicate with the court and heirs
  • Resolve challenges to inheritance outcomes
  • Contest a will
  • Maintain the estate during probate

Prompt Action, Realistic Attitudes

Probate is commonly considered to be best avoided when possible. However, many Nevada decedents do not recognize the value of thorough estate planning techniques, so probate becomes essential in these cases. Their beneficiaries could consequently face this difficult process before they can access their inheritance.

Unfortunately, the legal structure of probate is complex. Therefore, the personal representative and beneficiaries of the estate may need to wait several months for probate court proceedings to conclude.

Despite this potential obstacle, our firm vigilantly monitors the status of probate cases and responds with timely, accurate documentation throughout the process. We keep our clients aware of the patience that probate may require while working toward closing the estate as expeditiously as the law allows.

Contact Our Probate Attorneys

The complicated matter of probate and estate administration can be a monumental task to complete alone. Our Las Vegas firm is available to answer your questions and offer clear direction. Call 702-267-6500 or send us an email on our website to speak with a qualified lawyer.

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