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At Whitehead & Burnett, we believe that your estate represents the fruits of a lifetime of hard work. As such, you should be able to enjoy it now and pass it along to your intended heirs when you are no longer around to enjoy it. You shouldn’t need to worry about undue losses from taxes, creditors and estate litigation.

For these reasons, our estate planning practice goes beyond basic wills and trusts. We focus on protecting the assets that matter most to you and your loved ones, and we simplify what can often feel like a complex process.

Most of us have unique assets we wish to protect, including:

  • A home
  • Vacation property
  • Rental/investment property
  • Retirement accounts
  • Savings
  • Stocks and bonds

How you protect these assets will depend on the type of asset, its tax implications, and what you are saving it from/for. We will help you develop sound legal strategies for transferring these assets, often while avoiding probate and minimizing tax liabilities. Legal instruments could include purpose-specific trusts, transfer-on-death deeds, joint ownership of assets and strategically gifting assets during your lifetime.

Updating Your Plan At Each New Chapter

If you created an estate plan before reaching retirement age, you have already shown a lot of foresight and a sense of personal responsibility. But estate plans and asset protection strategies work best when they are dynamic — this is, updated in accordance with changing life circumstances.

Please consider reviewing and updating your estate plan with each of life’s milestones: marriage, childbirth, divorce, retirement, etc. Our lawyers are ready to help you conveniently review and make changes to your documents even if we didn’t help you draft them originally.

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Whitehead & Burnett is based in Las Vegas, and we proudly serve clients throughout Nevada. To discuss your estate planning and asset protection needs with an attentive and skilled lawyer, contact us to arrange an initial consultation. Call 702-267-6500 or simply fill out our online contact form.

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