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Facilitating Real Estate Transactions And Disputes

Steadfast legal guidance is one of the many factors that can determine whether a property investment becomes an invaluable asset or a financial liability. Our experienced real estate attorneys stand by our clients to minimize their risk when renting, developing, buying and selling properties.

At Whitehead & Burnett, we eagerly welcome real estate cases of all sizes and levels of complexity. Our clients can work directly with an attorney who has a real estate broker license in the state of Nevada.

Advice Tailored To Your Property Goals

At our firm, we understand how our clients’ real estate objectives relate to their legal needs. The needs of an investor planning to buy a new rental property will likely not be the same as those of a startup founder building their first storefront. With these circumstances in mind, we personalize our approach to reach the most suitable outcome.

Our real estate law firm offers complete services for:

A project or transaction can have several phases involving multiple parties — each party prioritizing their own interests. Entering the situation with our firm’s legal support can help you protect your real estate goals. We can manage the necessary documentation and assess whether agreements are fair and effective.

Resolve A Landlord-Tenant Issue

Landlords and tenants each have legal rights that protect them from undue personal and financial harm. Whitehead & Burnett provides representation for landlords as well as commercial tenants in real estate disputes.

In these cases, we review the terms of the original agreement to uncover whether the other party failed to fulfill their contractual obligations. Our lawyers may also question whether the original agreement is no longer enforceable or valid if this aspect may support our client’s case.

Seek Reliable Legal Counsel For Real Estate Matters

While our attorneys are based in Las Vegas, we extend our services to several other states beyond Nevada, including New York. To schedule a consultation, describe your inquiry through our website or call 702-267-6500 for a timely response.

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