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At the Law office of Whitehead and Burnett we handle all types of contract legal matters.

Business contracts vary with the nature and purpose of the enterprise. Consider the following:

  • Partnership or Shareholder Agreements
  • Real Estate Purchase Contracts
  • Commercial Leases of Real Property
  • Contracts for goods or services
  • Employment Contracts
  • Non-Compete Contracts
  • Sales Contracts

Our law office has been protecting the interests of medical professionals and small business entrepreneurs in Las Vegas, Nevada for decades.

The Importance Of Written Business Contracts

If a restaurant orders wine from a regional supplier for dinner guests or a med spa requires fresh linens for its patrons, why is it important to have a written contract?

All parties to a business agreement/business relationship should understand the terms and conditions of any business transaction which should include product sales or delivery of services. The absence of a written contract is certain to lead to misunderstandings as to the timing of delivery, quantities required and quality of the good or service to be tendered. Most important, a writing between concerned parties makes performance legally binding. The security and peace of mind which results from a well-constructed written contract with suppliers, allows business owners/operators to focus on customer service and satisfaction.

Guaranty Of Confidentiality

Quite often business transactions require confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions to protect sensitive or proprietary business processes or practices. The contract can thus contain terms which require the concerned parties to hold in secrecy the transactions involved and the information shared between them. Any party violating this confidentiality aspect of the contract would be liable for damages caused by such negligent disclosures.

A Professionally Prepared Contract Can Avoid EXPENSIVE Lawsuits

When a well written agreement is clear about the performance obligations of each party to the contract, the cost of determining who is at fault is dramatically reduced. Moreover, a readily available contract which is precise as to responsibilities and obligations of performance, significantly reduces the chances of bringing the issues to litigation proceedings, or dragging out a lawsuit which becomes oppressively costly and time consuming.

Call our law office today for a free analysis of your business practices and the benefits of professionally prepared contracts.

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