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Insightful Legal Counsel For Businesses And Individuals

The attorneys of Whitehead & Burnett recognize that the most effective way to avoid legal problems is to create a comprehensive plan as early as possible. This recommendation applies to commercial pursuits as well as personal estate planning.

We provide strategic legal guidance for developing, purchasing, growing or selling businesses of diverse sizes and needs. Our Nevada-based firm serves business owners and stakeholders to give them clear reason to be confident in their organization’s capacity for success.

Obtain Strong Professional Representation

With our combined business law experience of over 60 years, we are prepared to represent clients who face commercial disputes, professional license revocation hearings or real estate complications. Our attorneys can skillfully review a potential breach of contract or intellectual property violation. Reaching the right solution may involve mediation, negotiation or litigation according to the client’s objectives.

For medical providers, our attorneys work to efficiently resolve allegations of healthcare law violations and create a compliance strategy to avoid conflicts in the future.

Find Guidance For Settling An Estate

Probate and estate administration can challenge a personal representative. This process could also become more complicated by will contests or claims of breaching fiduciary duty. Our lawyers help personal representatives and beneficiaries protect the best interests of the estate while respecting the decedent’s wishes throughout the process.

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