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Comprehensive Healthcare Legal Guidance

The duties of healthcare professionals include abiding by rigid laws. At Whitehead & Burnett, we work closely with our clients to identify the laws that pertain to their practice, create a plan to address those obligations and respond to any allegations of violating those laws.

The need for legal insight begins as early as the formation stage of a hospital, nursing home, private practice, clinic or treatment center. Owners may benefit from our extensive knowledge of industry laws and corresponding risk management strategies. With over three decades of practice in Nevada healthcare law, we leave no possibility unchecked.

Resourceful Counsel For Healthcare Businesses

We provide general counsel to affirm the legality of daily business operations. Our comprehensive administrative services give healthcare practices, medical companies and insurance providers the tools they need to succeed.

Our attorneys conduct extensive legal research to bring our clients a clear understanding of their responsibilities. With this knowledge, we help healthcare industry professionals efficiently comply with laws regarding HIPAA privacy, billing, antitrust restrictions, audits and other regulations. We may recommend strategies to minimize liability, such as secure patient data storage and application methods. Our lawyers also seek to resolve compliance issues if they arise.

Unwavering License Defense Representation

Allegations of fraud, abuse, addiction or Stark Law violations may place a healthcare career at stake. We advise providers who face these serious claims and provide defense resources as necessary. This may involve representing the provider before a professional board and navigating appeal process.

Receive Thorough Health Law Assistance

Our legal team is prepared to guide you toward your preferred results. While our office is located in Las Vegas, the scope of our practice spans multiple states.

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